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跳槽 英语怎么说

job hopping n. 跳槽; 跳厂换职业; [例句]Job hopping is one of the best ways to maintain passion and personal growth in your careers. 跳槽是保持热情和提升职业经历的最佳方式。

慎重跳槽 英文翻译 Prudent job hopping

My View on Job-Hopping 范文一: "You resigned again? What's your new job? ..." Job-hopping has become a hottopic among people, especially the young, and heated debates focus on it, as a result. Many people are inclined to do on...

我想跳槽的原因是:公司现在没有发展空间。 翻译车英文是:The reason why I want to job-hopping is: the company has no room for development now. 相关词组学习: job-hopping 英['dʒɒbhɒpɪŋ] 美['dʒɒbh&...


Job-Hopping Some people tend to stick to their positions all tile time, as they think the longer one works in a particular field, the more skillful one will be at it. Some have been teachers all their lives. Some devote their l...

直接从字面上入手... change employment jump on another company 良言: A rolling stone gathers no moss. 意思是[藉由转动,才不会长苔].与其老呆在一家公司,不如放眼于更大的责任,更高的地位,藉由转换职场让自己不断向上...与[跳槽]同意.


people have different attitudes towards their work. some prefer to stick to one occupation as their lifelong career. these people are of the opinion that one can never do his work well unless he is devoted to only one job in hi...

跳槽现象依然以每年25%的速度连年攀升 Job - hopping is still rises at an annual rate of 25% 人才市场是talent market

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