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跳槽 英语怎么说

job hopping n. 跳槽; 跳厂换职业; [例句]Job hopping is one of the best ways to maintain passion and personal growth in your careers. 跳槽是保持热情和提升职业经历的最佳方式。

"跳槽"_ 翻译结果: "Job-hopping"

慎重跳槽 英文翻译 Prudent job hopping

My View on Job-Hopping 范文一: "You resigned again? What's your new job? ..." Job-hopping has become a hottopic among people, especially the young, and heated debates focus on it, as a result. Many people are inclined to do on...

Job-Hopping Some people tend to stick to their positions all tile time, as they think the longer one works in a particular field, the more skillful one will be at it. Some have been teachers all their lives. Some devote their l...


我想跳槽的原因是:公司现在没有发展空间。 翻译车英文是:The reason why I want to job-hopping is: the company has no room for development now. 相关词组学习: job-hopping 英['dʒɒbhɒpɪŋ] 美['dʒɒbh&...


经常跳槽的人不会成功的理由 英文是 People who often change jobs will not be successful.

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