If he hasn't came up, I would not register QQ frenquently.

What happened is happened,why must it mean something?

My desk mate is a beautiful girl. She is tall and slim. And she is a outgoing and warm-hearted girl. She wears a beige coat which has a good match for her. And she wears a black kilt and black leggings. I like her clothes very ...

It's not true when I say I dont love you,it was all lies, how can I not in love with you.

hello,i'm the girl who asked you for your cellphone number at the vivi bar yesterday,do you remember?你好,我是昨天在vivi酒吧管你要电话号的那个女孩,你还记得吗?翻译完了


Please define maturity and childishness with your own words.

I want to hug you deeply

Constant dripping wears away a stone. Pride goes before a fall. Facts speak louder than words. The weather in Paris in May is not always good and it's rainy sometimes. He makes mistakes sometimes, but not frequently. He never d...

一、 He is a great patriot and pioneer of democratic revolution, he "within it the world's trend, the crowd of need". 二、 He led the revolution is a great political change, put an end to the feudal autocratic rule, China has o...

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