If he hasn't came up, I would not register QQ frenquently.

Thank you, got it. Where are you from, from which fleet.We can't understand your words.

神的孩子在人间,终究会死亡。 All God's chilren living in this world will eventually die.

Please define maturity and childishness with your own words.

The differences between Northeast dialect and Mandarin is not so significant, for Northeast three provinces located in the north dialect area, while the Mandarin is based on the north dialect . However, this does not mean that ...

If the full moon loves you, why worry about the stars? 如果圆月爱你,为什么还发愁(得不到)星星。

Baby , there are many candies in heaven.

字面上的意思是如果想要带上王冠,就需要承受它的重量!其意思为如果你想要做到有王一样的权利,就必须要能承担做一个王所应该做到的事情。简略说就是 想要获得的权利和地位越大,就必须承受更多的责任。希望能帮到你


hello,i'm the girl who asked you for your cellphone number at the vivi bar yesterday,do you remember?你好,我是昨天在vivi酒吧管你要电话号的那个女孩,你还记得吗?翻译完了

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