原句应该是甘地说的“You must be the change you wish to see in the world”,意译是说希望改变世界就先改变自己。

Thank you, got it. Where are you from, from which fleet.We can't understand your words.

7% discount是减7%,就是93折。7折是30%,也就是30% off 或者 30% discount。

My desk mate is a beautiful girl. She is tall and slim. And she is a outgoing and warm-hearted girl. She wears a beige coat which has a good match for her. And she wears a black kilt and black leggings. I like her clothes very ...

神的孩子在人间,终究会死亡。 All God's chilren living in this world will eventually die.

In the new year, wish you have a healthy body, big improvement in studies, working smoothly, all wishes comes true! from your friendXXX 新一年に、あなたを健康の体に、学业进歩、仕事顺调、万事如意と祝贺します! あなたの友达XXXようり

hello,i'm the girl who asked you for your cellphone number at the vivi bar yesterday,do you remember?你好,我是昨天在vivi酒吧管你要电话号的那个女孩,你还记得吗?翻译完了

If the full moon loves you, why worry about the stars? 如果圆月爱你,为什么还发愁(得不到)星星。

I will always be your Baymax. 供参考。


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