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求翻译: "如果刷卡的话,不满50元的要多加一元钱...

1 dollar will be charged for the payment less than 50 dollars and 2 dollars for over 50 if paying by cards.

Except for monthly expense of 50 Yuan, Should I pay for initial installation fee or mony for modem of VDSL? If I don't want to use the internet any more in the future, I think I needn't to pay extra mony excpet give the modem b...

肯德基联合中国扶贫基金会“捐一元”项目给贫困山区儿童增加营养。 In combination with CFPA(China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation), KFC has lauched a programme titled " Donating 1 yuan" with the aim to improve food nutrition of ch...

对应的英语: What are there in the classroom? There is a blackboard, a set of TV, a lot of desks and chairs in the classroom.

It cost me 1 Yuan to buy the pin

Many gave a dollar


去年,我并不喜欢英语课,每一节英语课就像一场噩梦。老师讲话太快了以至于我大多数时间都听不懂。我却又害怕提问,只因我的英语发音很糟糕。因此,我只好把脸藏在课本后面,从不发言。 后来有一天,我观看了英语电影《玩具总动员》,我喜欢上了...


100元を贷したままだけど ひゃくげんをかしたままだけど

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