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求翻译: "如果刷卡的话,不满50元的要多加一元钱...

1 dollar will be charged for the payment less than 50 dollars and 2 dollars for over 50 if paying by cards.

Except for monthly expense of 50 Yuan, Should I pay for initial installation fee or mony for modem of VDSL? If I don't want to use the internet any more in the future, I think I needn't to pay extra mony excpet give the modem b...

gave extra one RMB over-gave one RMB (我自创的) 注:give more one RMB 不对,这是给你更多的一块钱,不是多给一块钱。

肯德基联合中国扶贫基金会“捐一元”项目给贫困山区儿童增加营养。 In combination with CFPA(China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation), KFC has lauched a programme titled " Donating 1 yuan" with the aim to improve food nutrition of ch...

这两句话的意思分别是 第一句话:首先因成错了以前也不知道仁成是垃圾是个很好的人 第二句话:早知道是这样的人的话应该早就离开那个家了但是没变的好像只有一个



你好。典型和规范的表达是: I‘d like / Give me one yuan's worth of mineral water. (有关名词worth的用法,请参考任何一本大字典)

How many shells have you been collecting?我也不确定吧。。。

Could you get me a burger for 1 dollar? That one with 1 dollar.

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