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求翻译: "如果刷卡的话,不满50元的要多加一元钱...

1 dollar will be charged for the payment less than 50 dollars and 2 dollars for over 50 if paying by cards.

Except for monthly expense of 50 Yuan, Should I pay for initial installation fee or mony for modem of VDSL? If I don't want to use the internet any more in the future, I think I needn't to pay extra mony excpet give the modem b...

肯德基联合中国扶贫基金会“捐一元”项目给贫困山区儿童增加营养。 In combination with CFPA(China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation), KFC has lauched a programme titled " Donating 1 yuan" with the aim to improve food nutrition of ch...

gave extra one RMB over-gave one RMB (我自创的) 注:give more one RMB 不对,这是给你更多的一块钱,不是多给一块钱。

对不起,楼上的二位都说错了。我无意中看到这个问题,我们英语老师曾经讲过,正确的表达方式应该是five Yuan for one。再比如,一元两个,这样表达:one Yuan for two。希望可以帮到你。

어떻게 이 한 달 안 에 오 백 원 으로 1000 원 오 백 원 으로 투자 와 주식 비6...

要看你翻译什么。 实际上,国内市场并没有非常大的日语翻译需求。你可能不了解,国内的ACG行业里的汉化组的翻译,超过n2水平的人有上万,这些都是义务翻译...

1.一次一百块钱吗的英语翻译是:1. for one hundred dollars a time,见下图百度翻译

100元を贷したままだけど ひゃくげんをかしたままだけど


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