敬字峠芦週鯛壓字魁 議鍬咎頁 The plane landed at the airfield (safely 賜宀) sound and safe.


藍勃議慕隈 ゞ峠芦愉〃瞥猟 緩間峠芦俐墮栖噴噫&&繁除鹿贋訝晩輝鹸呂&&喇揖奐古。 緩愉嗤火鱒瞥猟泌和佐亡崙衆押P湟慇簡噫晩幗繁除鹿。贋訝晩輝鹸呂栖涙喇揖奐信。 ^俐墮 ̄軸藍衄岻忖俐墮頁藍勃議輔儘宮。 鍬咎...

Chinese safty knot 処授阻妖垈傾reunion dinner議鍬咎嶄忽潤chinese knot頁厮範協議低辛參傍^黎彭峠芦議嶄忽潤 ̄。

廝低匯揃峠芦厘氏訥禝庁 議鍬咎頁 Wish you safety all the way. I will miss you. 蝕伉酔赤耽匯爺。 嗤韮航匆嗤侑牽。

First turn to right at the airport then,go straight along this streetand turn left when you see peace street ,in the end you go through the hotel to the right

My dear baby, wish you health, happiness, happiness, peace to grow up,

Wishing you peace and life


犒衒琶弩 The Song For Our Meeting 箭鞘 涛嗔犒衒琶弩茖〉徳椎極議欠尚〈鯆禧胆洗〉伉禧娼科 Friend, meet mutually is a song! Screen that scenery for carry! Because of you butbeauty! Have you but fascinating! 犒衒琶...

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