what I feel some disappointed is that before i don`t want to ask the teacher to explain something for me ,while i want to learn from my teacher now but i can not;maybe there will be a new teacher,but in my eyes,you are the best...

If I had seen the same world as you saw,if I had passed the same way as you passed,maybe I would be closer to you.

以前用windowsphone的时候 经常用bing词典 翻译英语课文 特别是老师讲课文的时候让站起来翻译句子一点都不担心 现在用android了 不知道bing词典还行不行 你可以下载试试 或者用微信 威信也有翻译功能的

求一句话配一张图片 Ask for a sentence with a picture

你好 hi 你发布的图片很赞 the photo/picture you posted are very Nice 请问你经常用的是什么图片编辑应用或者滤镜?what kind of picture editor or filtering do you usually use?

1. I prefer receiving further education in the states. 2. Her parents insist asking her to return home to have some rest. 3. I consider this journey new stage of our live. 4. Nothing can stop her, once she makes up her mind. 5....



热点之盾推荐使用Webroot Security保护您的电脑,以防病毒或其他威胁。如果想要保护您的电脑,请在以下选项中勾选需要下载的软件。 智能版 (反病毒、垃圾邮件,清除cookie,增强隐私保护) (这个是个套装,包含所有内容) WAV (由Webroot Sec...


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